(518) 873-2122. For emergencies, dial 911. etownlewisems42@gmail.com

About Our Squad

Founded in 1970, Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad is a non-profit organization providing Advanced Life Support to Essex County, NY.

Ambulances in station parking lot.

Board of Directors

Our all-volunteer board members are elected by the members annually and manage administrative operations of the agency.

Carolyn Sicher


Ethan Farmer


Laurie-Ann Hlusko

Member at Large

Patty Bashaw

Vice President

Steve Koop-Angelicola

Lewis Community Member

Larry Bashaw


Janet Cross

Elizabethtown Community Member


Our all-volunteer officers are elected by the members annually and manage day-to-day operations of the agency.

Chris Gumlaw

Maintenance Captain

Bill Freebern

Training Captain

Aimee Gumlaw

Ambulance Captain


Adams, Cora – EMT
Bashaw, Larry – AEMT-CC
Bashaw, Patty – AEMT-CC
Bessette, Todd Jr. – Driver/Attendant
Bolding, Megan – EMT
Connor, Amy – Paramedic
Dealing, Amanda – Driver/Attendant

Farmer, Ethan – EMT
Fehlner, Cory – EMT
Freebern, Bill – Paramedic
Gumlaw, Aimee – EMT
Gumlaw, Chris – Driver/Attendant
Hlusko, Laurie Ann – EMT
Jones, Christian – Driver/Attendant

McKie, Brandon – Junior Member
McKie, Wanda – EMT
Perotti, Stephen – AEMT
Schleuter, Matthew – Attendant
Sicher, Carolyn – EMT
Snow, Keegan – Junior Member
Weber, Dan – EMT

Paid Staff

Boxall, Jane – EMT/Driver
Crahan, Corey – Paramedic
Devlin, John – Driver
Dodd, Bill – AEMT-CC
Egglefield, Jon – Driver

* Full-time employee 

Fish, Lisa – AEMT-CC
Hudson, Lisa – AEMT-CC
Lincoln, Melanie – EMT*
McKie, David – EMT/Driver

Olcott, Dakotah – EMT
Sherman, Matt – Driver/Attendant
Taylor, Bryse – Paramedic
Watts, Matt – AEMT-CC



Original Board – 1970


  • John Denton
  • Noble Dickinson
  • Carl Huttig
  • Melvin Longware


  • Henry Cornwright
  • Charles Dubay
  • Harold Valentine
  • Steve Vargo



If this is an emergency, dial 911.

8143 US Route 9, Lewis, NY