(518) 873-2122. For emergencies, dial 911. operations@etownlewisems.org

Dear Friends,

The Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc. is working hard to stay prepared for emergencies in our communities. In the current environment, we are taking every precaution to safeguard our members and patients against COVID-19. This has meant an increase in personal protective equipment purchases as well as daily operational expenses. We encourage you to keep doing what you are already doing such as wearing your mask, social distancing, and frequently using hand sanitizer and washing your hands. Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Together we can save lives!

Our agency has 29 volunteers and 15 paid staff members (of which 2 are full time). The per diem staff help cover weekend shifts when volunteers are not available. Our members are very dedicated to the agency’s mission. They are required to cover a minimum of 12 hours a month and many do much, much more. In addition, these individuals participate in regular monthly training. Several have expanded their level of care by taking a Basic EMT or Advanced EMT course. 

Last year our agency responses to a record number of calls. It was the first time in our 49 year history that we responded to more than 275 calls reaching a year high of 293 calls. As we prepared to celebrate our 50th year this September, we continue to operate at an Advanced Life Support (ALS) level and now this includes three (3) paramedics. Our advanced members are trained to administer drugs, start IVs, interpret cardiac rhythms as well as place advanced always to assist non-breathing patients.

Email us at etownlewisems42@gmail.com and become part of this amazing team! The scheduling is designed to be very flexible. We need drivers and attendants who can assist with lifting, carrying equipment, and working side by side with our EMTs. The Emergency Squad provides all members with standard training to meet the by-law requirements such as CPR and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

Do you want to learn CPR and First Aid? Call our station at 518-873-2122 for training in an environment with COVID-19 precautions in mind.

The Emergency Squad’s operational budget is $290,932 and covered primarily by the two town contracts, revenue recovery (billing of insurance), and donations. The Agency is very appreciative of the support we have received from both towns. A continued high priority is replacing our 2000 Ford E450 ambulance. The cost is approximately $225,000 of which we have saved $148,000 to date. The Emergency Squad has taken very good care of this vehicle for the past 20 years. With that said, the vehicle has truly been showing its age from all of the wear and tear despite 20 years of use. We have faced occasional break downs, box deterioration (external doors that fail to shut), power failure in the patient area, and the floor was replaced in the patient area in the past 5 years.

This is where we need your help. Your donation will go towards the savings for a new ambulance. Any size donation helps us to better serve our community. 

Another item that we would like to purchase is a Lucas device. The Lucas device helps assure high quality compressions during CPR by doing mechanical chest compressions. These units run around $17,000. Advantages of such a purchase would be high quality compressions, minimizing strain on rescurers’ backs, during this COVID era it cuts back on the rescuer contamination zone and with two person crews, the Lucas device is like an extra pair of hands.

Please indicate your preference with your donation – either the Ambulance or Lucas device when sending in your donation.

The Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad would like to sincerely thank you for contributing to the success of your EMS agency.