(518) 873-2122. For emergencies, dial 911. operations@etownlewisems.org

The Emergency Squad is looking for your help!  Our, stretchers are tired and need to be replaced.  The current stretchers are over 20 years old and manually operated.  

Ferno Washington is a stretcher manufacturer specializing in both manual and power operated stretchers .  FW developed a new stretcher in 2014 called the INjX.  The INjX Stretcher is a battery operated power stretcher designed with innovative features and stability to help the provider reduce back injuries, keep control, and maintain proper body mechanics while loading and unloading the patients.

In October a squad member tackled the enormous task of updating the departments DUNS # through Dun & Bradstreet.  He was also successful in setting the squad up with SAM.GOV.  The federal government requires both parts to be completed before being considered for any FEMA Grant.  

It took 34 days of continous work researching and completing many different request in order too comply with FEMA’s request.  The grant was written with the help of a Grant Writer.  And, we are proud to announce that we successfully submitted the FEMA Grant on November 11, 2016 with 3 days to spare.  Now, we patiently await for the grant announcement in late March early April 2017.

This grant is for $76,000.00.  

See more at: http://www.fernoems.com

If, you wishmake a tax deductible donation towards the new stretchers.  Please send your donation to the Elizabethtown – Lewis Emergency Squad PO Box 443 Elizabethtown, NY 12932 with a note on your check INjX Stretcher.


Thank you in advance for helping us protect our patients and providers!