Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc

"Good EMS doesn't happen by accident." 

     ELIZABETHTOWN - LEWIS EMERGENCY SQUAD P.O. Box 443, Elizabethtown NY, 12932 8143 US Route 9, Lewis NY, 12950   


Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc. is an emergency medical service agency at the Advanced Life Support level serving the towns of Elizabethtown, Lewis, and the hamlet of New Russia in beautiful Essex County, NY.  Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS responds to an average 250 calls annually.  

Did you know as a taxpayer it will cost $300,000.00 or more for a full time paid service to cover your town? 

Or that our volunteers save you the taxpayer - over $228,000.00 in cost yearly? 

These are just a few facts you need to be aware of as the Emergency Squad seeks both your support and that of the Town Boards.  

The ambulances respond to calls weekly and during our busy times daily and as often as 3 times within a 24 hour  period.  A majority of the volunteers have full time day jobs and often respond to 1 or 2 calls during the night and report back to work in the morning.  It takes a very dedicated community member to give this much time! They do this week after week to ensure someone is available to serve you in your time of need. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming a volunteer member with Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS? Visit our become a member section for more information on how to join and to print an application!

Board of Directors 2020

Megan Bolding - President                                                   (North Hudson)          Patty Bashaw - Vice President                                               (Lewis)

Larry Bashaw - Treasurer                                                      (Lewis)

Marcie Larock  - Secretary                                                      (Westport)

Corey Fehlner - Training Captain                                          (Lewis) 

Aimee Gumlaw - Ambulance Captain                                     (Lewis)

Chris Gumlaw - Maintenance Captain                                     (Lewis)

Original Board of Directors

Elizabethtown                                                            Lewis

   John Denton                                                     Henry Cornwright

Noble Dickinson                                                   Charles Dubay

   Carl Huttig                                                        Harold Valentine

Melvin Longware                                                   Steve Vargo


 Did, you know the Volunteers are saving you the taxpayers over $228,000.00/yr. 



Adams, Cora-      EMT 

Baker, Montana-             EMT

Bashaw, Larry - AEMT-CC              

Bashaw, Patty -              AEMT-CC

Bolding, Megan - EMT                       

Brooks, Trevor - Driver/Attendant                  

Crandall, Cathy - EMT   

Deming, Anita - EMT

Egglefield, Jon -             Driver/Attendant 

Fehlner, Cory-                 EMT                                                                                       

Fleury, Leslie - EMT    

Fleury, Sienna - Attendant         

Freebern, Bill - Paramedic

Green, Lori - EMT  

Gumlaw, Aimee-             EMT

Gumlaw, Chris-               EMT

Hlusko, Laurie Ann-       Attendant/ EMT student                         

Hooper, Fred - EMT

Hozley, Chris-                 EMT

Hozley, Joan-                  EMT                      

Hummel, Mark -             EMT     

Larock, Marcie- EMT   

Mitchell, Monica Driver/Attendant                                 

Pulsifer, TJ -                   Driver/Attendant

Rich, Keith - Driver/Attendant                                     

Rider, Koby- Attendant Scheluder, Matt- Attendant

Sicher, Carolyn - EMT  

Sloan, Tom-                    Driver/Attendant                              

Thomas-Train, Joe - Attendant       

Weber, Dan-                   Driver/Attendant                        


  Per-Diem Staff Brown, Cortney- AEMT-CC

Crahan, Corey - AEMT-CC Cross, John- AEMT-CC Devlin, John -          Driver                                                       

Dodd, Bill - AEMT-CC 

Fish, Lisa-                               AEMT-CC

Gregory, Robert - EMT 

Hameed, Nabeel-                    EMT (Paramedic student)

Morrisette, James -         EMT  

Nolan, Tiffany-                       EMT               

Olcott, Dakotah - EMT

Sitts, Nicholas -        AEMT-CC

Stonitsch, Joelle-                    AEMT-CC                                  

Tryon, Tyrel - EMT    

Watts, Matt-                           AEMT-CC

Weller, Mike -                       Paramedic 

                                                              Paid Full Time Staff

Hudson, Lisa                           AEMT-CC

Perotti, Stephen                       EMT

The yearly cost for paid employees reached $69,660.95 in 2016 and will exceed $85,000.00 in 2017.

The significant increase is based on the lack of volunteer coverage and the need for more daytime paid coverage on the weekends.